What Are The Massachusetts Landlord Rights? What Do I Do When A Tenant Abandons The Apartment?


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There are a number of rights for landlords in Massachusetts. If the tenant has left the apartment, with his belongings without any notice and has not paid the rent, you are legally allowed to enter the apartment and take its control. But if the tenant has given you the rent for these 4 months and beyond, You are not allowed to enter the apartment. Here is a link that has every details about your right as a Landlord in Massachusetts:
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I have a tenant who is on section8 she was to live here alone and her 18 year old daughter has visitation rights. Well her daughter now lives here and we are having a problem with the noise at night. Neither one of them work so they are up all hours of the night playing music and partying also my tenant has her boyfriend living here to . What can I do to get them out.
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There are many rights for landlords in Massachusetts.If  tenant leave the apartment without inform or has been not pay the rent then landlords have rights to go into apartment and take its control.This is illegal if tenant do this.

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