How Long With Child Do I Have Before I Have To Move As Far As Being Evicted?


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Even though he is your father, he has to serve you (legally) with a form for eviction, stating why you are being evicted (probable cause), and the length of time you have before he can legally have you out of the home.  Some evictions are within a week, while others can go as long as 2 months.  If you can't afford an attorney to find out what your legal rights are (as I don't know what state you're living in), you may want to contact Legal Aid (in phone book) Society, or you may want to go online and type in "tenant advocacy" for you state.  I am so sorry this is happening to you, and I hope things can be worked out, or you find these suggestions helpful in some way.  I sincerely wish you well.
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Just like anyone else he has to formally send you an eviction notice, and after you are served with the papers you have 30 days. Search landlord tenant laws for your area.

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