Can A Ll Evict A Disabled Person?


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A disabled person has extra protection against eviction. The problem is that many landlords treat disabled people unfairly because of their disability and the law prevents any such actions. In most of the developed countries, a landlord cannot evict a disabled person because of
- because of rent arrears or delay in payment of rent due to disability.
- For antisocial behavior.
- For damage to his property due to tenant's disability
- For breaking any term of the tenancy as a result of the disability.
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Hi Aicha.
I was thrown out of my home of over 12 years after suddenly becoming disabled by a stroke. Are you sure it is illegal?
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I collect SSD every month for bipolar 1 and depression. I have a project housing voucher through section 8 and live in public housing. In august of 09 I was pushed into sighing a contract that I would get rid of my hamsters which I did, pay my rent on time(which I am) my apt would be clean (it is to my standards) and they can do random inspections. I passed an inspection may 14 of 10 and just failed one feb 14, they cited unsanitary conditions and strong urine smell and an additional cat. They served me with a 45 day notice of termination to the lease I just signed sept of 10 and as a result of eviction I loose my section 8 april 1. This now puts myself 3 kids and boyfriend on the street placing my mental heath in extreme danger. All  that was found is dishes from the night before not done, floors not moped or swept, cloths from kids bath night before on bathroom floor, litter box didn't self clean but was going to be cleaned that day, cloths and toys on floor of kids room, blanket and pillow on couch folded laundry on chair with baskets on the floor with clean laundry and few items on floor, iron on table and few other things and lots of laundry in baskets in laundry room. This was done at 930 in the morning. I need to know what I can do because of my depression and bi polar I am going threw stages that my place looks spotless to what it did with day to day issues that they found. I can not loose my apartment because I and kids can not afford any where else. As a result I can been crying nonstop and not functioning at much of a capacity. If this continues I can't say I will be in any better shape rather worse. I do understand under disability act I can get reasonable accommodations and the eviction by law has to stop. However I don't know how to do that, Can you please help me.
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No they can't. Not without a court order from a judge. They have to give them a summons from a judge
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I have an emotionally disability which makes it hard for me to find employment and when I do find employment, to stay employed. Can I be evicted when I have a disability such as depression? Thanks!
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Bottom line if someone's not paying rent they should be evicted disabled or not or if they cause damages to the place they should definitely be evicted its not fair to the landlord he's suppose to just let his place get run down by this tenant give me a break
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That makes absolutely no sense that a landlord has to just idly sit by and let a disabled person live in their house/apt without paying rent. What motivation would there be for a disabled person to pay rent then? I highly doubt that a disabled person can just stop paying rent and not be evicted.

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