Can I Refuse To Pay The Rent If The Landlord Has Been Notified In Writing Of A List Of Complaints Which Make The Dwelling Uninhabitable Under Current Law? Ie; No Smoke Detectors And Severe Roach Problem.


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Yes you can but the best thing to do is file a case against him and get what you paid back the department of housing can help you also by getting the building inspected by an housing inspector or officer.also take the video to a lawyer or the he housing depart. And they will send an inspector there.
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If letters requesting "major" (not minor) repairs which affect the ability for the tenant to safely inhabit a premises (major = compromises safety, i.e. Fixing a front door lock, smoke detectors, leaking roof, operable heater. Minor = air conditioning, dripping faucet, cracked tile) go unanswered, one may either move out & sue, or repair defective areas and deduct the cost from the rent due. But there are conditions that must be recognized. Heres a couple links to more info.
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No go to local health department file notice if dangerous go fire department file notice and go to home inspector

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