In NC, If There Is No Lease Agreement But Only A Month To Month Agreement, How Much Notice Is Required To Be Given To The Landlord? Do You Have To Pay The Full Months Rent Or Can You Pay Solely For Number Of Days There?


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What if there is no lease at all? The rent is due on the 3rd and they said they can't
pay until the 19th. But they also said to start the eviction process so that tells me they
don't plan on paying at all. How many days do I have to give them? Also they moved in
3 dogs without mentioining it and paid no pet deposit.
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Well most of the time it requires a 30 day notice but I would discuss that with landlord. Second part of question: you still need to offer the full month unless you and your landlord agree on mutal time or days at a discounted rate where they would only require the monies for time there. If you paid deposit I would pay for the full month and make sure everything in the home is left as it was when you rented or in better condition. If you are not expecting deposit then discuss with landlord.GOOD LUCK!
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I read NC law online: it says with a month-month you are only required to give 7 day notice and are required to pay only for number of days there after notice, especially if no written lease within 3 yrs. Advise please.
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You know what? you are right. I was answering about the time a landlord has to evict a tenant. Sorry I wasn't much help. Well, maybe you have the answer you needed.
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Thanks UNC one -I appreciate your input. Hopefully there will be no further words from the Landlord.

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