If Paying Rent With Cash Does A Landlord Have To Give You A Rent Receipt?


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There is no law to say that a landlord has to give you a receipt if you are paying your rent with cash.

You would be foolish not to ask for a receipt for each payment that you make to your landlord, as this is the proof that you are up to date with your rent payments. If your landlord will not provide you with a receipt, then you could purchase your own receipt book from any stationery shop and complete the transaction yourself, and just get your landlord to sign it each week or month.

Nowadays though, you should think of other ways to make your cash payment as paying rent this way is asking for trouble. Unlike paying by cheque or direct debit there is no traceable way of tracking your rent payments.

If you have no choice but to pay your rent in cash then follow these precautions to avoid putting yourself at risk:

1) Always hand your cash to someone of authority, such as the landlord himself or the letting agent who is handling the tenancy agreement.
2) Never send cash payments through the post. The postal system is not always reliable and items often get lost in the post, not to mention if it gets into the hands of an untrustworthy member of staff.
3) Don't leave without a receipt. If your landlord refuses then you should be suspicious about the transaction.
4) Always keep your receipts in a safe place at home. A good idea would be to keep your lease agreement and the receipts in the same place.

The easiest way is to set up a direct debit to your landlord. This will ensure that the payment is made automatically every month, and the transaction is shown on your bank statements.
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While no law requires a landlord to provide a receipt, you should absolutely insist on having one, and if it is not provided after requesting, you should report your landlord to HUD-- simply to have the report on record--and you can file a report with the IRS if you suspect the landlord may be not reporting rent income. I would not advise paying in cash as long as your landlord refuses to provide receipt of that payment/those payments. Period.
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You should always get a receipt, no matter how you pay your rent it is proof of payment,If your landlord refuses to give you one then pay by check if you don't have a checking account then pay by money order that way he can't say you didn't pay the rent and if he refuses to accept either one then report him to the IRS because he isn't paying taxes on that dwelling.
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Never pay with cash... If you do... Expect trouble...

And if you continue... Have the person sign a receipt, that you prepared in advanced, stating you are paying cash for this month's rent and that you are current on all rent, with zero balance owned, with this payment... Don't handover the money till after it's signed and dated and in your hands. If they wish to have a copy, you'll be glad to make them one or have them make copies before the money exchanges hands. Never give them it back after they got your money !!!

Besides, "real" leases state rents are to be paid by check or money orders / cashier checks or by credit cards and that they do not accept cash payments of any type.

The reason... My apartment office has had 3 break ins in the past 2 months.

1st. Break in they got rent checks
2nd. Break in they got rent checks and keys to units.
3rd. Break in they got the computers, keys, and rent checks.

I had to prove I was current on my rent each time because the stuff they needed to prove I paid was taken. They knew it, but sent out letters saying residents owed this and that, those that had receipts they cleared off the books. Those that didn't got burned.
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It is not true that only those forms of payment are required for "real property" leases. Payment in any form is acceptable tender for shelter throughout the USA, according to the lease agreement.
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In New York state the law does require the landlord to give a rent receipt. Even if paid by check you can still request a rent receipt. New York state has a tenants rights book. So I assume each state must have one. You can request one from the Attorney Generals office. New York state has some of the tenants rights online. You should check into it.
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If you pay cash, the only proof you have of paying & on a timely manner, is asking for a receipt. You should always ask for a receipt...and save it!!! You may also need receipts for income tax purposes depending on where you live, if you pay cash.
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I don't know if there are any laws governing a situation like that, but I'd make sure he gives me one. If he won't, I would definitely think there is something wrong going on. You have every right to insist he gives you one. That's your proof that you paid the rent.
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Yes you should always get one if something were to happen you have proof you paid.
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Whenever paying by cash, always request a receipt. It would be more advisable to put your money in a bank account that you could write checks from or that you could use a debit card for. This gives you a document that a bill has been paid and if there is a dispute, you have the document to prove the payment.

If they refuse to give a receipt for payment, then I would question their credibility anyway and figure how I could get away from doing business with this person as it would appear they are looking to take advantage of people and will find themselves in trouble sooner or later.
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My landlord refuses to give me a recept for my cash rent, but instead will put the receipt in my husbands my name, my husband is on disability and only get 581 a month of which he pays 350 for a brand new motorcycle and the rest goes to 4 credit cards...I however pay all the utlities and the can the landlord do that, I filled out the application for the building, and used my inheritance to move in, and I have paid the rent every month for 3 years...WTH..can anyone give me some advise?
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Yes! And always get one or you don't have any proof you payed if ever needed. Any time you pay anyone in cash for something ALWAYS get a receipt !
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Yes you need to get a receipt or what is your proof that you paid the rent
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By law he have to give a receipt if not it mean he is not paying tax and become a fraud and I think you too you help him to commit crime
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I pay my rent to hud by checks and have a paperless account with my bank and the manager say's they don't give receipt, how do I prove that I have paid my rent?
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If you must pay with cash (as a last resort, given its propensity for vanishing without a trace) have the landlord/manager provide you with a receipt on the letterhead of the company that operates the building you live in. It should include all of the pertinent information noted in the previous answers you have received. Most reputable management companies don't accept cash for a variety of reasons, but if they do on a regular basis, they probably have pre-printed receipts on hand.

In the future, if you can, use a form of payment that leaves a paper trail regardless of any interaction you may have with your landlord/manager. For instance, cancelled checks, whether you get them back in your monthly statement or not, remain in your bank's microfilm records for years. No bank account? No problem. Go to any bank and get a Certified Check or Money Order. Banks keep records of these transactions as well in addition to providing you with a receipt.

Finally, keep your lease and payment related documents organized and in a safe place in the event that you may have to produce them later.
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Jinjor - you don't say which country you live in, but I suspect USA. If it is the UK, every landlord should provide tenant with a rent book, by law, and if they don't give you a rent book you can get one of your own via Citizens Advice Bureau. Always ask for a receipt, you are entitled to one wherever you live, and make sure you keep it in your rent book.
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According to me, Yes, You need to get a receipt or what is your proof that you paid the rent.

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There is no law that tell that landlord has to give the reciept if you are paying the rent.But you ask for it as its the proof if landlord does  not give,then yo may buy it yours .And tell him to sign him.

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My landlord from Mainland China, I paid my rent by cash which they insist, they refused to give me back the receipt and refused to sing the receipt I provided, what can I do now? They may doing something illegal and use some reason to kick me out.  I rent the place from them about 2 years, after moved to a new house they brought, they broke the rental agreement, I sign the new rental agreement for them but they refused to give me back the copy, what can I do now? Any department from the city can help? Is that landlord can do whatever they like, there isn't any law to protect the tenants????? I just bothered and worried a lot now. This not fair...
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No your land lord should not give you a recipt because thats only will stores because you can't get cash back from the land lord

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