Can A Three Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit Be Given On A Holiday?


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Check online with California's State Statutes for eviction notice proceedings.  It depends on what type of lease you have (month-to-month, signed, year, etc.) that determines what type of eviction notice the landlord is required to give.  Also, non-payment of rent will also determine what notice is required.  While legally a holiday is not considered a business day in most legal matters, check your State Statutes to be sure.  Good luck!
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Thanks for the information! It was a month to month lease. Its a long story but pretty much there is another party involved. An organization moved my mother and I into the place where we are now, which is a motel. They were suppose to be finding us permanent housing and instead Heritage Clinic (the organization) stop paying for our room! So now instead of the motel (Dons Motel) going after the organization who gets money from the state they are suing a disabled senior citizen and a full time university student!
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Well, legally it is not possible. In order to a notice to be applicable, the notice must be received by the renter. Since you were on holiday, you did not receive the notice to quit so it is not according to law.
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If the landlord had any decencies then he wouldn't. and he has to give you 30 days to vacate not 3 let him take you to court and let the judge decide, it sounds like he needs to check out the laws himself!! Good luck!!!!
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No the property owner has to give you a thirty day evection notice  and most places will wait till after the holiday  as judges do not work on the holidays
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YES, a 3 day notice can be given at ANY time of the year if you are late on your rent or if you have violated your lease and your landlord wants you out.

I have NO idea where that one lady gets the notion (incorrectly too) that just because it is a holiday or you were ON holiday and not home to receive the notice that it doesn't count.. LOL Please!!! All the landlord has to do is either tape a 3 day notice to your door or send you a certified letter stating such.

If you to not pay in 3 days, expect the landlord to go forward with the eviction proceedings.

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