Recieved a 60 day notice to vacate paid rent past notice date does contract become null or void?


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If paid then eviction notice is null and void and hopefully you have a receipt for all this as once a landlord, owner or such files the eviction notice in court, he isn't supposed to collect money without the courts permission so just to cover you, in case the courts question this, you have proof
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No, theyre giving you notice to vacate in 60 days as ther are not renewing your lease if its up in October which is as required by law so you need to find a new place to live come Oct 20th
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Don't have a lease month to month don't have a eviction notice never received a pro-rated amount for September
so paid the whole month.check cashed buy property management company on sept 7th 2011
Currently in escrow for a new home escrow is due to close around October 1 60 day notice was given on july20th. Which would put me at sept.20th
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Youre right Im sorry about Sept 20th. If they cashed the check for Septembers rent then you by law have til Oct 1st to move and you can tell them that to prevent anymore surprises from them. Good luck and sorry for being wrong on the dates

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