Can A Three Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit Be Given On A Week End?


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Yes, you can get a 3 day notice any day of the week.
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Absoutly.  You also have untill a court hearing, chance to mediate, and see judges opinion.  Take advantage of your time.  You have rights too  Hope that helped
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I don't know if its legal. But a tenant in my building was given a 3 day notice on Saturday. I thought in new york state that the landlord had to give a hand written letter for 30 days, and then if not vacated they would start court proceedings. In that case the judge would give the papers to have the sheriff serve a 3 day notice and if the people weren't out the cops would set their belongings on the street.

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The notice that your neighbor got was probably a 3 day notice to "pay or quit". If after 3 days they did not pay their rent, the landlord would then go to the court to file papers to evict. They then would be served with a court date. Almost 100% of the time, the landlord wins, and it is at that time, the judge will sign an order and give a date that the tenant has to vacate. If the tenant does not leave after receiving this, the landlord can bring the Sheriff to get the people out.
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Depends on your state.  In Kansas, it is 30 days notice in writing for breaking the contract in any way EXCEPT for not paying rent.  In the case of non-payment, you may be issued a 3 day notice in which you must pay or be gone within 3 days. If the renter is not gone, but most are, the landlord can go to the court.

In most cases, a landlord will work with you for a time, but if they really want you gone for some other reason and you are not able to pay within the grace period contracted, you have to pay or be gone within 3 days or deal with the courts who may also apply a penalty..

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