How Do You Get The Landlord To Fix Stuff?


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Go to the town office and ask to speak to the building inspector and have him get on the landlords case and he can force him to fix these problems. take pictures and write him a letter and send it certified so you know he got it. make a copy of it for yourself. write everything down including his comments to you and what is wrong with things he refuses to fix. let him take you to court and he judge will help you .
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I am a landlord myself and to answer your question, you must first document the items that need to be fixed and make several coppies for your self. If the things that need to be fixed are a health hazard, take pictures (not digital) and keep coppies for yourself. Send the pictures with your work order to the landlord (better if they are hand delvered). Have the landlord stamp "received" on their copy and yours. If nothing is done with in a week, go to the landlord tenant act folks and file a coplaint. Be sure to take all documents and pictures with you. Landlords do not like those kind of complaints and it is free for tenants.
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Contact the Housing Authority immediately and turn him in if he doesn't fix anything.
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Contact your landlord/tenant board, and talk to them about how to send the letter, and have a copy for yourself, both stating that you will withhold the rent until he repairs the problems. Make sure that in the letter that you tell him that you will be holding the rent in a separate bank account, and once the repairs are made, then you will pay the rent in full, minus any interest that there might have been accrued. But make sure you talk to the board about this first. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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After making contact with the landlord concerning the problem you may take it upon yourself to fix it and keep all documents for proof, before and after pictures, notes letter that has ref to the problem, especially if this has been bought to the attention of the landlord and he or she neglects to make a improvement. Please have documents. Good luck 
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First notify the landlord as soon as the problem occurs and follow up with a letter mentioning date of request and plan of repair. Don't forget to keep the copy in your file. If you don't get any response then then send a certified letter. If you don't receive any response then you should contact your local Board of Health (BOH).
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There should be a landlord tenant board in your city or state ,file a written complaint with them,after you have advised your land lord of the problem,they will take your rent and hold it in escrow until the problem is solved after repairs they will inspect and see if you are satisfied of course a land lord does not have to have rental property look like a mansion,roof heat,water,windows, doors and floors,just livable....Good luck
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My landlord need fix anything....It has been 3 months since I told him my front door isn't shutting correct....always tell me I'm going to order you a new door..I'm don't want to pay rent until her fix my door what should I do.
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I've been in my building now over 5 years,he's the second landlord,he bought it 4 years ago,the problem is he never fixes anything and it's his job,I've gone now without a outside light for 5 Month's the wire in my ceiling stopped working properly which he's known about all this time,no rain gutter also which all the water runs down on my stairs and freezes in the winter time,Ive been trying to get him to put one up for the last 2 years,and my stairs are all rotten and fallen apart and not safe,my family doesn't come up to my place anymore because of it,especial my grandparents..I bring all these things up every month when he comes to collect my rent money and it's always the same excuses upon excuses,yup I'm going to fix all this stuff,but all this time later still not doing anything but take my rent out of my hands every month,he doesn't forget to do that tho.I've had a building inspector come out and he said all this stuff has to be fixed,but here's the thing once I told him who was my landlord he doesn't want to get involved because they are friends,nice HUH!
I've gone down to my local tenant board,and the woman I spoke with said that landlords always get away with not doing what they are suppose too,and if I want all this work done,I have to get him to sign and paper with all the things that need to be fixed,but my landlord will never sign any papers,he's not  a very nice person to deal with,and she said I cannot hold back any rent because I could fine myself in a lot of trouble,so I'm suppose to leave my home because this guy is getting away with not doing his job?,that's not o.k.what do I do????
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Contact the Health Department and Housing Dept, they will put your landlord on a time limit to get it done and they also get fined for it.. I have had to do it a couple of times where I am living and that works trust me..
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I am about to sign a tenancy agreement whereas the state of the property is a health issue (previous tenant left a heap of rubbish) unfortunately I need to reside there. Can I get the landlord to sort that  before I move in or can a new tenant get compensation (or the rent bumped down) if  pics are taken before and after cleaning the mess. What to do
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What do you do if landlord won't fix anything. We have told them,its like talking to the wall. I have fixed things myself spent 3,000 dollars out my own pocket. Windows are falling out,siding falling off,wiring bad ,house needs paint and gutters and roofing. I mow the lawn with own equipment,same with the snow. Did plumbing,wiring and siding. The town won't do a thing because they know the landlords. It is a two family hose. They can't rent upstairs because CL&p said they have to put in a second meter,a second furnace and upgrade wiring. Who do I contact?
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Land lord wont let us use shed in back yard to put are things in. Now are stuff is ruined and the commity of the park wants to take action on us.

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