Can Landlord Charge For Changing Locks If Keys Were Returned?


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No, he can't just randomly charge for this. Deductions from your deposit have to be agreed by both parties for a start, and unless there was some specific clause in your rental agreement in which it were stipulated that they could do this.

It's harder for me to give advice as the law is different in the UK to that in the USA (for instance, it's recently been made law here that your landlord has to place your bond/security deposit in a special bank account to protect both of you) but the general principle is the same. I'd suggest you get on to your Citizen's Advice Bureau.

However... In my experience, I'm sorry to say that when it comes to this kind of thing, landlords and deposits and that whole lovely world, you're probably going to end up out of pocket. The amount of times that I've lost money for no good reason, just because the landlord refused to return all or some of my deposit, well... I'd probably be able to pay off all of my debt! Let's just say that...

Seriously though, I know that it sucks, but it may be easier to just let it go, if you are in a position to do so. If you've already returned the keys and are out of the property, you don't have anything to hold over him... Though you could always consider knocking on the door in a months time and advising the new occupant of what the landlord is really like!
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If he charged a substantial amount, Id absolutely take him to small claims court.!! If its not in the lease, its not his money! Dont let this jerk get away with this! When you will it
will have been worth the effort!! also, I watch alot of Judge Judy, so NO,,he cant do that!
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Well, he shouldn't have charged anything from you. The landlord is responsible for wear and tear but you have changed the locks and give the key to him. He has no right to charge any money from you. It is illegal and you can sue him in this case.
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No, unless specified differently in your lease agreement, your landlord should not have charged you for changing locks when keys have been returned.  Speak to your landlord about this, and if you make no progress, you can contact the local office of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) to report  your landlord and discuss options.  

Here is a web link to landlord/tenant law (federal statues and explanation): Landlord and Tenant Law and here is a link to the rental laws, rights and information by state (select the appropriate state from the list): Rental Information by State.  This website will also allow you to find the contact information for your local HUD office. Being well informed before you talk with your landloard will likely increase your chances of success.  Good luck!
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No he cannot charge for this he might deduct some amount from the security deposit if agreed in the lease

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I moved out of an apartment for losing my job and now on the credit report they charge me 3 months for not return the key. Can they do that? Now I'm having problem getting into a house to rent. Please help me!!!!

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