Can My Landlord Charge Me For Painting My Apartment After I Move Out?


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It depends on the laws where you live and how damaged/dirty the walls were. That seems excessive for living there over a year. I have never had to pay for painting if I have lived someplace over a year. I always make sure I clean the walls really well though.
In California, the law reads:
The Return of the Deposit
If a tenant damages the property, the landlord can deduct the cost of fixing it from the security deposit. But if the tenant returns the rental in substantially the same condition in which it was rented (lessreasonable wear and tear), the landlord must return the deposit. A landlord can't make tenants pay for painting, new carpets or curtains, unless there was serious damage. The landlord is allowed to deduct the cost of cleaning if necessary to put the unit back to the same level of cleanliness it was in at the time the property was leased (less reasonable wear and tear).
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I have live in this house since 10/07 here in Modesto,Ca and I want to know what can
my landlord charge me from my dep, their is no damage but my daughter wrote on the walls it does need cleaning thou-out  and shampoo the carpet. Should I go ahead and have it done or let them take it from my dep
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The only way the landlord could charge you, is if he or she told you" if you paint the apartment while living there  and don't paint back to original color before move out "  and you agree to it and sign you lease on day of moving in ..that is documented contract... You agreed to paint the apartment back to color it was before moving.
That is the same for putting holes in walls from nails...they tell you have to replace the hole before you move out..and if you don't they will charge you for that.....
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If you did not have a written agreement to start with he can
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Yes when you damaged the paint or scraped it he can. How ever if he says that he has to paint because you lived in the apartment for so long and it needs to be repainted, no he can't charge you for that .
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In the state of california can a landlord charge me for cleaning blinds in the apartment and Windows?
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If your paint is worn because of normal wear and tear then you may not be charged.

If the paint is stained, marked, removed, marred, or otherwise willfully or negligently damaged by you, the landlord can deduct the cost of repairs or repainting from your security deposit.

If the amount of damage exceeds your security deposit the landlord can take you to court for the rest of it.
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I think it is reasonable to charge you for the damages that you have done regardless of how severe they might be. Before moving out of the unit, you should have checked thoroughly and returned everything back to their original condition to be fair to the landlord. You could ask the landlord if they want you to perform the restoration works or have them settle the issue using your deposit money.

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We lived in a duplex for 3 years and my landlord sent me a bill for 1200. For painting do we have to pay for this
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Yes , they can do this .Its just depend on where you live in you should follow all of the rules ..They definitely check the walls condition . Are they damaged or not then can charge from you ..

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No he cannot charge you for painting .Yes he can take the security deposit and not return the apartment is in very bad condition

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He would have to charge you 30 to 90 days after you moved out, and if it was not on the lease, he can not hold you to that. It has to say on the lease any changes to the dwelling you will be charged for repair
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Yes they can.  You are supposed to leave the place like you found it.  It is also a good idea to take photos of the place and date your photos so you can show what it looked like when you moved in.

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