Can A Landlord Charge More Than The Security Deposit For Cleaning And Damages?


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Normal wear and tear she cannot charge you for. The shower is a bit over the top. It is always a good thing to take pictures before and after you move out of a place, so there is no disputes. Seek an attorney, however, your going to loose because your attorney is going to cost also but if it is about principal then go get your attorney.
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You must have some witness and proof that you have left the apartment clean and clear. Though you can sue your landlord about it as you are clear in your thoughts. Please also read your agreement which you made at the time when you had taken the apartment on rent.

It is totally unfair what your landlord is demanding from you. You didn't tell that have you received a legal letter or notice or it was just a simple letter? My suggestion is to consult your lawyer and battle with your landlord in the court for your rights.
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I lived in an apartment for 3 years and cleaned before I left.  I wasn't present at the move out inspection because I moved on a saturday and the managers don't work on saturdays... I got a letter from then stating that they took my$ 420 deposit and are charging another $533 for damages.  Nothing needed replaced or was broken..they charged 300 for cleaning, 500 for paint and 110 for carpet cleaning...Ive been researching and found that paint should be repainted between tenants if its been 3-4 years and normal wear and tear should cover dirty carpets (not overly dirty..just 3 years wear and tear).  Also cleaning an entire apartment costs $135 on average and they charged me 300 for a cleaned apartment.  Things weren't spotless but we cleaned!!!
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I do not think any landlord will charge more than the security deposit unless the loss is of huge amount.

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I don't even understand all these charges did you ruin the vanity, with just normal wear and tear, the paint is part of what the landlord is suppose to do after each tenant it should be painted, what's with the faucet, looks as if they are getting you to redo the apartment, and going to keep your deposit, WOW did you wreck the place...the best to you and the $132.00 would never come from me no way...
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In north carolina where I reside that is considered normal wear and tear and the answer is NO they can't charge you one red cent and they can't without your security for it either. Go to nearest magistrates office and tell them you need to file a civil suit to collect your security if its been 30 days since you vacated because the law is they have 30 days to give it back unless they have legit reasons for keeping it such as you broke a shelf a door put holes in the walls etc...I'm going through some things now and I can tell you 100% THEY CAN NOT WITHHOLD YOU SECURITY FOR THIS REASON STAINS AND SUCH ARE NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR!!!
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When you left the apartment then make it clean and clear then they can not charge extra from you .

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Damage is different legally from "wear and tear."  I would assume that they can charge you for any actual damage that is not normal "wear and tear," but typically, you and the landlord will disagree about how to determine the difference in the two.

Painting after that amount of time shouldn't be charged to you unless you had painted the walls black or day-glow orange while you were there.

The ultimate determinant of what they can charge or try to charge depends on the terms of your lease and applicable state law.

The first consultation with a lawyer is usually free or a nominal amount.  That would probably be worthwhile.

Definitely request an itemized bill for all the charges as a first step.

Keep a paper trail also---use certified mail.

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Carpet costs a lot..... He can't charge you extra unless he takes you to court. Which really would come out to costing you more.
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What company was it. We have the same problem, but we know we would because companie did it to us before and do it to everyone that moves out. They take your deposit and charge extra for all the other B.S.
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Normal wear and tear IS expected, however, you did not state how long you had lived there. Yes, they can retain part of your deposit for these items, but dependent on the size of the stain and the actual mess left, then the full deposit/extra does seem excessive. However, this is why you should ALWAYS do a move-out walk-through WITH the landlord to determine what they will charge for and take dated pictures at both move-in and move-out. Did they hire professional cleaners or was the carpet replaced? If so, this could account for the high cost. You should ask for a detailed billing and dispute it if you disagree.

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