What's the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?


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Lawyer's are a step up from solicitor's+Barristers are a step up from lawyer's,
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They should both be tarred and feathered

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Ray Dart
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I'm hoping this answer will trigger a mail to the questioner, Eleanor Jones. (emmaelsie for some time). She is an old friend and was a long-time blurter. I tried to mail her and her old e-mail address is no longer valid. This was such a huge and tight community once. Almost everyone gone. There are just Arthur Wright and me left of the original adopters, I think.
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Maybe it will ! So many teens lately! Some are nice and have manners but a lot of them talk that ghetto talk or text talk. I look forward to good adult questions and answers !
Ray Dart
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There were always lots of teens and lots of questions about Justin Bieber. Lots of teen angst.

We had an informal award - "The Ray Ottewell Award for anyone starting a question with 'Ok, so there's this guy......'"

I know I go on about it (and you are probably sick of hearing it) but that was the sort of stuff that we used to get up to.

No real social interaction now. It's a pity.
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A lawyer is like a shark and a solicitor is like shark food
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One is barrister (lawyer) and the other one is his adviser (solicitor)
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A lawyer is a shark/pimp who keeps a bunch of prostitutes in business;  a solicitor is just one of his prostitutes for hire.
--Is this the right answer?? --It was just a random guess!
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Well, I know that they can be as bent as any other professional. Are they not the same then except the lawyer is an American soloiitor. I think so but not sure!

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