What's the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?


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Lawyer's are a step up from solicitor's+Barristers are a step up from lawyer's,
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They should both be tarred and feathered

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I'm hoping this answer will trigger a mail to the questioner, Eleanor Jones. (emmaelsie for some time). She is an old friend and was a long-time blurter. I tried to mail her and her old e-mail address is no longer valid. This was such a huge and tight community once. Almost everyone gone. There are just Arthur Wright and me left of the original adopters, I think.
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Maybe it will ! So many teens lately! Some are nice and have manners but a lot of them talk that ghetto talk or text talk. I look forward to good adult questions and answers !
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There were always lots of teens and lots of questions about Justin Bieber. Lots of teen angst.

We had an informal award - "The Ray Ottewell Award for anyone starting a question with 'Ok, so there's this guy......'"

I know I go on about it (and you are probably sick of hearing it) but that was the sort of stuff that we used to get up to.

No real social interaction now. It's a pity.
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A lawyer is like a shark and a solicitor is like shark food
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One is barrister (lawyer) and the other one is his adviser (solicitor)
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Eleanor jones, actually there are not so many differences. What and where you should really pay attention, is on the field of their legal business and what they can protect, exactly which your rights. For example, these guys ( here: https://federal-lawyer.com/import-export-law/ ) know everything about import and export, and know how to help you with that, if you have any issues related to this sphere of business.

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A lawyer is a shark/pimp who keeps a bunch of prostitutes in business;  a solicitor is just one of his prostitutes for hire.
--Is this the right answer?? --It was just a random guess!
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Well, I know that they can be as bent as any other professional. Are they not the same then except the lawyer is an American soloiitor. I think so but not sure!

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