Can My Landlord Charge Me A Double Deposit?


3 Answers

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NEKA Joiner answered
He have the right to charge you a deposit and first month rent cause when I move into my trailer he charge me a $100 deposit and $250 for first month rent so in all ihad to pay $350 to move in to my trailer. So if he want to he can cause he's the landlord if the rent is $250 a month you have to pay him  a $500 dollar deposit yes he can charge you double  deposit for the first time it's his choice.
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Jason Levy answered

Yes, he have rights to charge from you double ..This is basically called as security fee when you move from one place to other then you must have pay this fee...When i were shift shift into my new apartment then i charged $400 .

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shaun davis answered

No he cannot charge you double deposit you just pay one month rent in advance and  security deposit

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