Can A Landlord Keep My Deposit If I Never Moved In?


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He might be able to keep part of it (for his time and your word that you were going to move in), but I don't think that he can keep all of it.

There are landlord/tenant laws that are there to protect both of you.Call your courthouse and see if they can give you the right direction to go. Hope this helps.
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Did you sign the rental agreement? Most of them provide for situations such as this. If not, it depends on the law in your area. Usually you do forfeit the deposit, or part of it. As stated by tiggersmom, check with your area Landlord/Tenant arbitrators.
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I'm on section 8 gave landlord deposit of 1100 in aug house has to go thru inspection first before tenenat can move in landlord  knew this I suppose to nmove in by oct 18 landlord wants all of oct rent I told her only prorated rent she said if can't give her full smount she would rent to someone else I told to give my security deo=posit back she said no cause she held the house I thought my security held the house can she do that keep my money

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