Can A Landlord Turn Off My Utilities If I Am Behind In Rent?


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No not unless the bill is in his name and he is paying it other than that no, but you don't know what type hook up he has with that company he may tell them the place is empty and turn it off until he gets new tenants but still if it is in your name and paid I can't see that one either, the best to you.....
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You should definitely speak to a lawyer in your area to fully understand your rights in this situation.

If you haven't paid your rent, perhaps you don't have the money available to pay an attorney. One option in that case is a Prepaid Legal service. When you sign up for Prepaid Legal, you get an 800 number to speak with an attorney and they will give you unlimited phone advice for a low monthly fee (about $16 per month).

The best part of prepaid legal is that once your rights are explained to you, you can also have that attorney send your landlord a threatening letter, assuming that he didn't have a right to turn off your water. It's amazing how quickly things change when people receive those threatening letters. All of that would be covered under that Prepaid Legal plan.
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That is a legal question specific to your area, however, is may be dependent on who pays for the water. If you pay the water bill directly, I don't believe he can do that in any case. If he pays the water bill as and does not pass the cost on to you, I don't beleive that he can shut it off, as there is not agreement that the service provided as a condition subsequent to your lease... unless your lease actually does grant him that right. If he paid the bill and you have agreed to pay him for that expense though written agreement, he actually might have the ability to shut it off.

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