How Much Can A Landlord Raise Your Rent?


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Unless you are in a "rent control" area, a landlord can raise the rent as high as he or she wishes. There is no limit. Landlords use this to get rid of tenets because most if not all people will only pay so much for rent on a given property. If it is a government subsidized renter (welfare) the government sends a ceiling on how high the rent can go. Almost forgot, if you are on a lease they cannot raise the rent 1 cent during the lease.
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The landlord can increase rent once a year, but it should be known prior to increasing the rent or should be written in the rental agreement.

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Sort of depends how you pay, I presume, if you pay a set monthly amount of say 500 then I imagine they would have to stay within a particular percentage. However, if your rent is based on your income then they could get you there... now if they make renovations then can increase your rent to compensate for whatever they've done. Be it putting in a jacuzzi, or getting a new pool or whatever. If utilities are included with your rent then they can get you there too.
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Can a landlord raise your rent if your on a month to month lease because he wants too.
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They can raise your rent, but they have to give you a 30 day written notice, and they cannot double it. It has to be less than your current monthly rate. In other words, say your rent is $100. A month, and the landlord says he wants $200. A month for rent, he can't do that. He can raise it by 50% though, so then it would be $150 a month. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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