What is the difference between living in a house and living in an apartment?


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There are many main differences between living in an apartment and a living in a house. A house is usually on the ground floor and has an upstairs and a downstairs. In a house, there is normally (but not always) a kitchen, dining room and living room downstairs, whilst the bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs. In an apartment, which is usually in a block, so raised above ground level, all of the rooms of the house are on the same floor (unless the flat has a mezzanine level).

Apartments can often be as expensive, if not more expensive than houses. Houses often come with garages, where as apartments can usually only come with a parking space. Houses often have gardens out the front and out the back. The size of the gardens depends on the size of the property itself. To some people, apartment living is a more stylish and less traditional than house dwelling. In major cities, apartments are often city dwellings whereas houses are the located in the suburbs.
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I don't think there aren't any big difference in these two except maybe for comfort. Normally apartment is smaller than a typical house. It can be a 2-storey adjacent flats or a flat within a building. The not so good about living in an apartment is that, your home is only separated by walls and your unit is side by side so basically you can hear noise from your neighbours. While house is commonly understood as a detached unit. Depends on the size, there is more room for privacy too.

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House is bigger apartment is smaller
apartments are rented or leased
apartments usaly have other people living there
houses are quiter
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Not exactly sure what you are asking.


Houses can be rented just like apartments.

Some houses are smaller than some apartments.

There are many apartments on the ground floor unless the building has a ground floor reserved for commercial enterprises.

Not all houses have an upstairs and a downstairs.

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Houses are your qwn propertyand you have to manitain of your own and thats your permanent place.But apartment you rent it for shorter time and is also smaller in size than the houses.

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Normally a house is bigger than an apartment which situate in the town more than in the suburb, I like to live in a house, because it's more spaces and comfortable for doing somethings, inviting people or hold a party etc... There's also a garden where we can plant some flowers, fruits and vegetables etc... So for me I can find many things to do there.

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There is huge difference between living in a house or living in an apartment .Apartment are rent But house is your own property.. In house there is common like rooms are individually bedrooms, bathroom,Kitchen, Dining room and lobby . In an apartment there is single block involves all rooms... House are bigger than apartments.

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You have a vested financial interest in a home and only rent an apartment.  You can do pretty much what you want to renovate or maintain your home .. But have to get permission from your landlord to make changes or improvements to an apartment.

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Living in an apartment, I don't have to worry about lawn maintenance, and if something breaks down, I call the office and they fix it. I also do not have a water/sewage bill, nor do I have to worry about getting the garbage to the curb on pick-up day. The only big disadvantage is sometimes the neighbors can be a bit loud.

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a house is the fully personal area where you have own garden and all
the other thing in a house like bedroom, guest room kitchen etc. These
all things are yours. But an apartment is different from the house in an apartment, there are many people living in a single building you have only specific area is given to live.

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Firstly, there is obviously a major difference in size. When you have more space, you will have enough room to accommodate each and every single one of your needs and others living in the house with you. However, it would also mean that you will have a high tendency of owning more items which could cause a clutter if cleaning is not done on a regular basis.

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there! I lived in houses for most of my life, apart from the time when I was
studying in London. Apartment-living will be more restrictive in various ways
and one will also have to get used to being closer to neighbours and be able to
respect them all. On the other hand, a house will often come with fencing all
around, a back and front garden and it will be more spacious in general. This
will obviously be more convenient if you have a larger family and you will also
have more freedom.

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Some of us prefer to live in an apartment
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Life in an apartment can offer you
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There are so many differences between
living in a house and living in an apartment. Since I have been living in an apartment
for a very long time, I would only prefer apartment further also. Apartments
provide more security and it is easy to socialize even keeping your privacy. All
the amenities you need can be accessed at apartments and you don’t need to make
a space for such things at your place. Trinity Builders Cochin has the best apartments
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