What Are The Prices Of Houses In Brisbane, Australia?


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In Brisbane, there is not one factor only that can affect the prices of houses in Brisbane. It has comparatively affordable prices compared to the prices in Sydney and Melbourne. The current prices have fallen down by 3 per cent in March 2005 quarter. They rose only by 1.5 per cent in the quarter of June 2005. In the year 2003, the prices in more than 30 suburbs of Brisbane were on an average $200,000 in June. The prices of the Median Houses were about $330,000 in the same year. The prices of the old two bedroom apartments were $235,000 and the new two bedroom apartments were $295,000.

In the suburbs, new houses cost around $255,000 and that in the inner-city three bedroom houses were $360,000. The stylish ones in the inner city were of $430,000. The dream houses ranged from $900,000-$2,000,000. In the Riverfront mansion, the prices were above $2,000,000.
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I don't know about average -- meaning the arithmetic mean. But the "typical" house price, which is to say the median (50% of houses cost more, 50% cost less) is about $315,000 (Australian money).

It's not too hard to find Brisbane suburbs where the average house costs in excess of $600k, though. Which actually means that there must be some properties under the $200k mark, too.

The consensus on outlook for 2007 is that prices are likely to stagnate at about this level for a while. But that's only a forecast, and projections about housing markets are usually wrong.

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