How Do I Get Married In Australia, And What The Legal Requirements Are?


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Let’s cover the minimum legal requirements that should be met with if someone is planning on tying the knot in Australia, and then we will discuss what are the other options after these requirements have been met with.

A person must be at least 18 years of age to get married.

A notice of Intended Marriage should be lodged with the celebrant at least a month prior to the wedding.

The birth certificate or the passport (if someone is a foreigner) is the document that would be looked at by the celebrant.

Two witnesses are required for the ceremony who should be at least 18 years of age.

If any of the person getting married had been married before they are required to show the Divorce Decree Absolute or the death certificate of the previous spouse.

At the ceremony, the celebrant is required to say the appropriate words before the exchange of vows.

These words have to be specific containing the reminder of the union the couple is about to enter and the seriousness of this union.

The celebrant also reminds the couple that the Australian law dictates that marriage is a contract between a man and woman that has to be entered in for life.

During the ceremony the bride and groom must say: "I (groom) take you (bride), to be my wife” and "I (bride), take you (groom), to be my husband”. The remainder of the wordings can be created by the bride and groom containing poems; songs etc. Or they can be helped by the celebrant.

For those couples who are foreigners some extra steps must be taken care of which can be found in detail on the Australian Government Website.

The celebrant will aid the couple-to-be in filling out the legal forms and will explain the finer details of whole ceremony.

After all these legal details have been taken care of, the couple can decide on the venue and the theme of the wedding according to their personal tastes and preferences.

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You are strongly advised to contact the nearest Australian Embassy or consulate to confirm these details, as they may not be complete and are subject to change.

Minimum age=18, although sometimes courts may allow younger in exceptional circumstances.

Minimum one day's residence in Australia prior to the ceremony.

A Notice Of Intention To Marry must be filed at least one month plus one working day (but less than 6 months) before the intended wedding date.  

Each person getting married also needs

A Birth Certificate
A valid passport if not an Australian citizen
The original copy of the Notice Of Intention To Marry
If divorced, proof that the previous marriage is annulled.
If widowed, death certificate for previous spouse, and previous marriage certificate.
Legal proof of any name changes

The marriage ceremony must be conducted by someone who is a registered marriage celebrant.  This could be a religious minister, a State Registrar, or another authorised person.

In order for the marriage to be valid, within 14 days of the ceremony an official certificate of the marriage must be sent to the district registrar in the State in which the marriage took place.
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If i were to marry in austrailia would i need to send the certificate to the registrars office in sydney
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If an Australian is to marry an Indian what dose paper work dose the indian need  to have

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