What Is The Legal Age To Get Married?


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18 without parental consent. 16/17 with parental consent. Under 16 requires court approval.
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India :
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It is dependent on your country's rule.
The marriage age might be different for boys and girl. In context of our country "Nepal", the legal age to get married for girl is 18years old and 21 years for boys.

But it is better to decide them selves who is going to get married, "am I getting older to married or too young to get marry?"
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In the US you need to be at least 18 to get married. I know that you can do it younger but you need to have parental consent. And I know that you might want to get married really bad but 1 more year wont hurt. If you guys love each other enough, then one more year wont be so bad.
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It is 18 in England so Ireland should be the same at 16 you do so with parental consent, but why the rush marriage isn't entered into lightly and should be carefully considered first take care this is a legal bounding agreement only cancelled by divorce which also takes time to do and money
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I believe its 18.  But that's in Canada. I'm not sure about Ireland. You could do some research on it. Or just to be sure, you could wait another year til you get married. 18 is still younge xD - [ABH]*

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