What Is The Average Price Of A Family House In Canada?


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According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the national average price for houses sold in December 2006 was C$278,971. This figure represents a significant increase from the national average recorded in 2005, which stood at C$257,433.

National statistics, however, can be somewhat misleading as home prices vary greatly from one province to another. For example, in Quebec, the average price of a home stands at C$202,277, while in British Columbia this figure is C$401,063. The lowest home prices are in New Brunswick, where the average is C$126,599.

The average cost of buying a house also depends on the city in question. Of Canada's largest urban centres, housing is most affordable in Montreal, with the average home costing C$223,416. Prices in Toronto, however, are much higher. There the average cost of a family home is C$336,217. The most expensive city, however, remains Vancouver, where the average price stands at C$519,421.
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The Average Price of a house in Canada keep changing with a particular span of time. If we take 10 years in precise, in these years the property price has been between C$240, 756 to C$288,761. The number has increased and it keep changing from area to area.
Though the cost prices in Canada are very high and continue to rise with the passage of time.
Prices being higher in many cities of Canada, people always find the best property but try to buy in the lowest cost possible. For this to happen in real, everyone finds the real estate companies through which the prices are compared and best possible option can be grabbed easily.

The Real Estate Asset Management in Winnipeg is highly reliable and anyone can avail the opportunity  to buy the best property in the city. The property rates differs as the the highest cost of houses are in western Vancouver in British Columbia. 

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