Is It Illegal To Remove A Housemartins Nest From The Side Of My House?


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In the UK it is illegal to remove, damage or destroy the nest of most wild birds, when they are in it (and when it is being built) since they are protected by law. The only exceptions to this rule are birds which are considered a pest. These are : house sparrows, wild pigeons, crows, magpies, jackdaws, jays, starlings and some gulls. All other nests are protected, so this includes housemartins.
The nest will empty around now and the housemartins will migrate. When this happens then you can legally remove the nest to discourage them from returning.
However, housemartins do have a habit of returning to the same place each year to build their nests, so they may well view the eaves of your house as their home.
You could try stringing netting along the eaves, or hang strips of kitchen foil from the eaves (the rustling of the foil will discourage them) but if they do return and start building a nest, you will just have to tolerate them !

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