In Florida, It Is Illegal To Drive On The Left Side Of The Road For Passing Purposes When __________?


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According to the Florida driving handbook, if the road you are driving on has 4 or more lanes and two way traffic, then you must drive in the right hand lane except when you have to pass or overtake another vehicle. Another exception where you may drive in the left hand lane is when you are carpooling.

• Ask your instructor.

If you are about to take your driving theory test and are unsure of any questions and cannot find the answer, then you are best off speaking to your driving instructor. Don't be embarrassed to ask as they are there to help you pass both your practical and theory tests.

• Buy books.

Your driving instructor will definitely know the answer to your question. But if you have other questions that you are struggling with then you should tell them and they will be able to recommend some books or software that will help you study.

Use the Internet and websites such as Amazon and eBay to search for books and programs that your instructor has recommended.

The best place to go would be to your local bookstore as they will have a whole section that is dedicated just to driving instructions. A lot of books nowadays come with disks that you install in your computer and can take practice tests.

• Process of elimination.

When it comes to some questions on a driving theory test, if you are unsure of an answer, you can usually work it out quite easily. First of all by process of elimination. Get rid of the answers that seem ridiculous, don't make sense or that you know for sure are the wrong answers.

Sometimes you don't even have to know the answer. You will just be able to figure it out my reading the question carefully and then examining each answer to see which one most accurately fits the question.

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