What Percent Can A Landlord Increase Your Rent Every Year?


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Depending on where you live, it is possible to raise The rent to whatever someone will pay! Thus the benefit of ownership. Renters especially without a lease and a lease that stipulates the amount that the rents can increase per year and at renewal are pretty much at the mercy of he market. If the person can get more they will and if you don't want to pay it then you will have to move.
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My boyfriend and I, We asked the landlord first is the utilities included that the landlord said yes included in rent of $700 in 6 months least agreement from August to January 2010.Meanwhile I had have been receiving phone calls about the increase. I called back the landlord yelling on the phone that I need to pay the $75 and travel cost to get my rent money. I had said that we have 6 months agreement.
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None if you don't agree but if you sign you stuck with it
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Landlord can increase the rent by whatever percentage he wishes as long as it is a reasonable increase and not an unfair demand.
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This is why renting without a lease agreement can be very risky. The lease agreement stipulates the rent cost and amounts it can be raised and at what intervals. You have choices, move or pay but get a lease back into play even if it still month to month.

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