How Do I Evict My Roommate For Non-payment?


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You need to give a one month notice in writing, then call the police if the room mate won't move out and they will watch him leave.
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You give him/her a written notice 30 days from when the rent was due. If he/she does not comply contact police and file a formal complaint. Also if you own the property you have the right to put his possessions in storage and charge him/her for 30 days of storage.
At the same time you have the right to change the door locks and charge him/her with the cost. If all the above is ignored, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the person in Small Claims Court for judgement, court costs & attorney's fees.
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If it is weekly rent, it is faster eviction
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You have to go to the courthouse where you live, and pick up the eviction papers, fill them out, and set a date for the hearing. Good luck.
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It depends on the state you are in. For best info ask a Real Estate Property Manager in your area they can be very helpful.

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