How Long Do I Store Tenant Belongings After Eviction?


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I think 30 days is the standard. However, you are probably not a storage service, so I would make it clear to the person that after 2 weeks you will be charging storage fees if they want their stuff back. (maybe they don't care if they get it back.)
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The usual amount of time is 30 days after the person has been informed that you intend to either remove or store the property. In other words a written form of intention to dispose of property is the best way to inform a former tenant of your plans for their property . Certified mail is best because it requires a receipt letting you know they received the notice. At that point when the time is up that you stated in your notice you can legally remove the property. If you can't contact the former tenant 30 days is the usual amount of time allowed for a person to retrieve their property.
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You have to try to contact them, keep their belongings safe, and I believe that it would either be 60 or 90 days, that is something you can find out with the landlord/tenant board. Hope this helps, good luck.
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After giving a renter 30 days written notice and they have not collected their belongings can I dispose of or sell them?
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You may need to store it someplace for one month and make an attempt to contact the person , by sending certified mail to their last known address, and documenting everything (including tel.calls to relatives/friends to notify her/him). For your protection.
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I had a tenant in a shared two bedroom suite with myself.he has been evicted for non payment of rent. He has come by to pick up his stuff,but left other long do I have to keep his stuff before I can get rid of it,I live in victoria bc canada
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He has no rights to ask for the furniture after 5 years unless you had made certain clause in your agreement. You can also check from the local authorities.
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Have you made contact to try and get the belongings back,I've seen court shows were you may have to reimburse the tenant for the belongings,I would try contact and document when person was contacted and how letter,phone etc...

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