How Long Must I Keep My Ex's Belongings After Divorce?


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Check with your local legal aid office or your divorce attorney, but in most states, you can follow this process:
First, you should document that her things were abandoned and what those things are, specifically. Take pictures if you need to. You should provide her final written notice (certified.return receipt) of your intent to discard her belongings if they are not retrieved within a specific time period - no shorter than 30 days. (ensure that does not go against any court order or stipulation in your divorce decree). Be detailed in your correspondence about previous offers and requests for her to retrieve her belongings, and be specific about the date you will discard her belongings. Provide your contact information, and cooperate with any of her efforts to honestly retrieve her things.

If she does not contact you and does not retrieve her things, you may consider them abandoned in most states in the USA, and discard. Before finally doing so, give a quick call to your attorney and describe your process and intent to do so. There should be no charge for this, but will document your consultation and statement of intent.

Good luck.
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Leaving things in someone's house is a kind of passive aggression, especially if there is a lot of stuff which takes up room and is unsightly and the person knows you are a caring person who does not like destroying things. It can get to the stage where a person will demand access to the stuff at inconvenient times, make threats if they do not get access to the stuff and still not take it all!  It costs money and time to store or get rid of a whole pile of someones stuff. This is my dilemma right now. I am going to lose day of my life just to get rid of this junk which is just what this cruel person wants.
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Well, the law varies from state to state, but I'm pretty sure that after 3 years you are probably well within your rights to just put it all in the trash. To be on the safe side, you can always check with a lawyer/solicitor, but yeah, pretty sure it's yours now.
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Hi, I would think by now, her things would be considered abandon property you should speak to your lawyer or the courts and find out what you can do legally. I think, if it were me I would had gotten rid of them years ago. Suppose you had got remarried would you still have them in your home. Take care!
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You are not bound to keep any belongings of your Ex. You should tell her to keep her belongings otherwise you have to sell them. That is only a threat. You can talk to her on legal basis by consulting with your lawyer.

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