How Long After My Divorce Do I Have To Wait To File For A Fiancee, Visa?


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After your divorce is sanctioned by the court and you have the legal divorce document. You can file for Fiancee Visa. For complete details about getting the Visa for Canada, visit Canada Official Immigration Website
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My girl is from Canada and I want to bring her thank you for the help with the web site but that is all about becoming a Canadian...not an american...and it does not help with information on the k1 or k3 fiancee visa...can anyone else help please.....
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I am still married and going though a divorce, I want to get a fiance visa for the uk is this possible while I am still married? My husband to be is from the uk. I am from United States.
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Google K1 Visa and you will find all the help you need. The K1 Visa is for Fiances. The K3 is the Marriage Visa. The K1 is the simplest.
You may be able to do it yourself. There are many lawyers offering a wide range of fees to handle it for you.
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I'm in the same spot, except my guy is in the UK. I am hoping to not have that much longer to wait on the divorce papers and was told by an immigration lawyer that the visa could come though anywhere between 3-6 monthis after filing. If anyone has any more details on this subject I would welcome it too.

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