How Much Money Will I Have To Pay My Wife After Divorce?


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If I make around 45000 how much will I have 2give my wife if I get a divorce? We have 1child 2gether and I also have another child that is younger and lives in another town.I pay child support for the other child but not court ordered.
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MEN when you get the idea of getting married 1. Head examination 2. Prenuptial Agreement 3. No joint Accounts 4. Property in your name only and mortgage 5, Family lawyer on speed dial. 6. Safety deposit box with enough assets to support you during a domestic charges. 7. If you have children before you do get a post nuptial agreement with custody and visitation and support already determined in your favor. When you see things going south get a separation agreement signed and notarized REMEMBER NICE GUYS GET BURNED Good luck
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With no details , There is no real answer. How much did you improve her standard of living? Did you hinder her ability to excel? Do you have any money to give? How many children are involved? Even after support for the kids there is daycare, clothes, school, transportation, medical bills....all separately..JC Buddy just get your paycheck sent to you, sign the back, mail it to her.

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