My Wife Says She Will Not Sign The Divorce Papers. I Have Found Evidence Of Adultery, And She Asked Me To Leave And I Left. I Want A Divorce. Can She Stop Me?


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To be uncontested, both parties have to agree so that may be out. She can not stop the divorce from happening though. And if you are willing to part without getting into splitting possessions, it will make it go much faster and easier. She may think she can find things to contest but it will only be in possessions and if you don't care then there are no issues and they will not hold up the proceedings to get the divorce.

One word of advice from a divorcee, even though you don't want anything from the marriage, make sure to get an attorney. She can put stipulations on you like maintenance (formerly known as alimony) and dip into your 401K or retirement fund. Divorce is never fun and even though you just want to get through it, it will still be difficult. Best of luck and be strong.
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I just went through a divorce after 18 years and walked away with basically clothes and my truck and few odds and ends. It had to of been the fastest divorce in history. Of course everyone thinks I am crazy for doing that but I didn't work and felt I didn't deserve half of everything when he was the bread winner.
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Yes. If for example someone disappears and the other party can't find them then there are means to still get divorced. No one can force you to be married to them in the USA. If you want to be divorced you can get one. You will most likely need an attorney or the assistance of one where you live as each State has different State laws.
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Yes, that is the easy way and not to many people have that opportunity to it being that simple.As long as you have filed for divorce and the records state that and she wont sign. Get a court hearing finalized and wabaam she now has to show for court or a bench warrent will be set out to find her.
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Yes you can, and that can happen ever before the court hearing, Like I just told another dude, read between the lines of your dicorce papers that you have to send him.
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I want a divorce, my wife is missing and can't be found how long will my divorce take to go through?
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You need to do more research on the divorce laws of your state. You may even consider consulting an attorney.
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