I Want A Divorce But My Husband Claims He Will Kill Me. What Can I Do?


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The answer to your question - RUN LIKE A RABBIT!  Run straight to the police and ask how you go about getting a restraining order.  Run straight to friends or a shelter and out of that house.  Run straight to a lawyer.  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, crazy people like the man you are married to easily slip from threats into abusive actions or (heaven forbid) murder.  Take no chances.  This man does not love you, he wants to control you and own you.  RUN!!!!!
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Don't let his threats scare you into staying with him. Leave him and get a protection from abuse order on him. He will not be allowed to have any contact with you at all and will go to jail if he threatens you again. If you want to be happy, you need to get out of that abusive strong.
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Get a restraining order, or have him arrested. This man isn't really thinking about what you want to make you happy. Sounds like a jerk
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Well this is something best dealt with by the police or I hired hitman lol. If he is making threats like that the police can protect you from him by changing your name and what not I would talk to your local law enforcement

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