My Husband Wants A Divorce And I Have Nothing. What Can I Do?


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Before you even begin to consider giving your child to him, think about what you said about him."My husband is mentally abusive"... He will be that way with her too. Is that what you want for her? Many women with children have been in similar or worse financial situations as you, they seek out resources and put their noses to the grindstone...and they keep their children. You can too. You might want to start by checking into the local women's crisis center to help you get onto more stable groung. They will also help you locate the resources that can best help you. Good luck to you girl. I hope that you've learned something about relationships and about yourself. You don't have to have a man to support you and your child, or to feel like your a real woman.
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I know a girl......who is 26 years old has two kids,and is in the same boat your in right now,and has dealt with emotional and physical abuse most of her 6 year marriage,she cannot drive her husband had made the income that supported them then he lost his job,then decide he dint want to be a husband or family anymore this is a bad scenerio,she called the domestic viloence womens shelter and they provided her with information on agencies that can help her and told her if she needed shelter they would come get can stay at these shelters ,they help you with job placement and alow you to work and save money until you get on your feet.what I don't understand is why you could say if he wants YOUR daughter he can have her,thats not good theres plenty of agencies that will provide you with things that she needs.her best interest is to be with her mother,you should talk to your family and see if anyone is willing to provide you with a temporary place to live until  you get on your feet.if your statyng were you are leasing then why have your daugter leave,a child needs food,(you can apply for assistance)clothing(theres plenty of churches with donations)shelter( theres agencies that help with that)so why send her off with her dad thats going to emotional do the same thing to her when she can be with her loving mother the most important person in her life.neway you should contact your nearest department of children and families to get the resources you need to know what to do.if he takes you to court be prepared to use his emotinal abuse as a defense for when the judge makes his ruling.
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First you have to be absolutely positive this is the route you want to take.There are other options, such as counseling. Most modern day marriages end because of money problem's, that is to say, not enough of it to cover expenses and this often leads to a subconcius anger on one or the other in the relationship, whereas they blame the other for it and start needling them on what they perceive as unneccasary exspenses or habit's. This more often than not spill's over to some sort of abuse, whether verbal or physical, both of which are intolerable. The person exuding this sort of tendency usually regret's their action's afterward, but the emotional dammage is done. Without some kind of serious intervention and soulsearching on both parties involved, thing's will continue to spiral down. There is an answere, and only you know what that is. I truly wish you and your family well.
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Don't go wind that don't break the relations for you don't have relations you are alone and life

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