Where Do I Go To Get A Divorce Without Involving A Lawyer?


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Before you decide to try and get divorced without involving a lawyer check that they state you are in allows this. Many do but you could live in one of the ones that do not.

Your personal circumstances will also be important. If you have a lot of money or property or there are children involved, this may not be the best way forward. If there is just you and a bit of money however there will be a big saving if you go it alone. Firstly find out if you will be able to get a no fault divorce and all the information you need can be found at this site

Make sure you read all the forms thoroughly as any mistakes could be costly. Some of them can be downloaded and others have to be collected from the local courthouse. All will explain the issues for your area. When the forms are filled in they should state how any assets will be split. If both parties agree on this the process should be quick and uncomplicated. It is when there are disputes that it may be an idea to take the hot of a lawyer’s bill and seek professional help.

Both parties will need to sign the forms so there will not be a shock later on if one or the other tries to deny knowing what has been agreed between them. If it needs to be notarized and this will not always be the case - take it to a bank or post office.

All that needs to be done now is to deliver the forms to the organization in your area that will finalize the divorce.
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Go on the web: Put in _The county you live in_____county clerk of courts.
then go to civil. then click divorce. then click packet list. it can also be found in family issues pack list, then choose from the list: contested or uncontested with or with out children ect. you will see once you are in their site. Down load adobe reader if need to is free.
print fill out all the forms take to clerk of court to file in My state Florida is $397.00, within a couple days you will get a hearing. I do this for a living I am a notary for the state of Florida. A lot of your forms will need to be notarized. As a non Lawyer I help clients prepare their legal paperwork and notarize for them. If you have any questions e-mail me and I'll help you.
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Once you have made the final decision to end your marriage, you can go to your state's government website, download Summons/Petition etc...(Lots of forms). Please read the guidelines for filing and follow the "case schedule"!! You also can go to your county courthouse and go to the Family Law Dept. They can assist you 2 with guidance and how to's about various things. However if children are involved you "may" need additional legal guidance.
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Go to the courthouse, file, there is a box at the bottom of the page somewhere to ask the court to dismiss the charges of filing fee. (In the case of a dissalusion.) Mark that box, BUT, both of you have to agree that you DISAGREE. You both have to say that you DO NOT AGREE THAT YOUR MARRIAGE WILL BE BENEFICIAL TO EITHER OF YOU. From there your judge may approve or disapprove that your marriage is able to be saved, or not. I think that I may be doing the same thing here in the near future. Great luck to you.
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My ex-husband and I did not have the money that it would take to hire a lawyer. All they care about is MONEY, not maintaining a respectful relationship for the sake of the kids or the sake of humankind, if you ask me. So we did a dissolution with the help of a retired judge. He was very straightforward, helpful, and affordable (I recall it only cost us about $2,000 dollars, give or take a few hundred). You can find one in the phonebook. We found ours by word of mouth. Good luck!
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Go to a bookstore and lookup a book called "Do it yourself divorce"
That should be very helpful!
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Go to a bookstore and lookup a book called "Do it yourself divorce"
That should be very helpful !

There is no way you can get a divorce without getting some law aid involved....
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Why don't you just talk to each other and divorce each other. Talk about it in front of other family members so they know what's taking place on your marriage. Divide all your assets equally, talk about how and what you and him going to do with the kids(if there's any) and try to calm down and no mention of any problem or any third person's name (mistress or boyfriends) and just get thing done like an adult.

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