How Do You Get A Divorce In Las Vegas?


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How long and how much to get a divorce in las vegas?we live here and I want a divorce,no children involve.
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They say it's easier to break things then to fix them, but when it comes to marriages in Las Vegas the opposite is true. Though a wedding can be instantaneous at the desire of two consenting adults divorce on the hand is a tad bit trickier. Recent legislation requires that the parties seeking the divorce must have been residents of Vegas for at least six weeks prior to the divorce. Additionally since Nevada is a state of "community property", each and every sort of prenuptial agreement is void. This means that all property or debts of both the parties will be distributed. Divorces are simpler yet if children and lawyers are not involved. People prefer seeking an annulment. Like Divorce the procedure for annulment also takes six weeks but the question of property does not arise.

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