If You Have Been Separated From Your Husband For Ten Years Are You Considered Divorced?


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I have been away from my husband for over 7 yrs can I get a divorce
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In a way, yes. It is called a 'Common Law Divorce.' It means that if you are separated from someone for more than 3 years you are considered to be 'Common Law Divorced' but you will still have to go through the procedures to get a 'proper' divorce.
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My husband walked out on me 10 years ago and no contact since. I owned my own property before we married,  if I sell up or die will he still be entitled to half
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Not till signed on dotted line sorry
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The word separation sounds very awful meanings and it is always painful and reason of grief for any relations concerned. This separation may be between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, between friends or between other relations. So far your questions that if you have been separated from your husband for ten years, are you considered divorced can be narrated in the following way.

Ten years is a hell of long time and if husband and wife remain separate during this time, it is a sort of divorce. But it is essential if you have not been involved to some other man during this period, it mean you are not divorced and he is still your husband. In Islam if a woman is separated from her husband for five to seven years and the husband does not contact the woman during this period, she is considered divorced and she can go for another marriage.

According to Islam as you mentioned that you have been separated from your husband for ten years and if your husband has not contacted you during this period, you are simply divorced and you can go for another marriage.
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I guess that would depend on your question. What does separation mean? Are you separated and still in the same house? Some people do that, they separate by having one in a different part of the house before of financial reasons.

Honestly, once you walk away from a marriage. Once you live that home it's a wrap. A lot of times people live the marriage to get a break and it never works out.

Marriage is not something that you just do for fun, it take hard work and if you have one separated from the other there is no work involved.

I don't even consider that a marriage. You two are suppose to be helping one another and finding ways to improve and build the lives of others through your marriage. You can't do that if you are separated.

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