How Are Assets Split In A Divorce?


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Before my reply to this question, I would like to mention here that this is the most unwanted aspect of a married relationship. I and most people would also agree with me to dislike it. Putting an end to a relationship goes through many days hard days of arguments and fighting over many things. Any we are here to reply the answers, which is given below.

When a divorce takes place there are different traditions and ways to split assets in a divorce. Sometimes it depends upon the personal likings and disliking of an individual. So far the Western world is concerned, if a man gives divorce to his wife, he has to bear losses as far as his are assets are concerned. He has to give maximum of his assets to his divorced wife. And if he has got children then the condition becomes worse. He has to look after his children up to the age of eighteen and give living allowance to his wife till she gets married to another man.

In the Eastern society women get more security and financial assistance when they're divorced. Anyhow the woman gets more than 50 percent of the assets in case of divorce.
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In the UK, you find financial settlements on divorce are gradually becoming more equitable.

However, as per the 2004 report of a study undertaken by well known management consultants Grant Thornton in the UK, in only 30 per cent of cases were the total assets actually split 50-50, and that in a mere 10 per cent of cases did any men obtain better settlements (which is down from the figure of 24 per cent seen the previous year).

Typically asset division boils down to a decision essentially made by the courts, who are prone to recommending a 50:50 asset split. Who gets to stay put in the marital home subsequent to a divorce would be another hotly contended issue and has a lot to do with whether any children are involved as well as who is soon to be their primary carer. Remember that, as it should be, the interests of children always have to be contemplated first by the courts.
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How is  the equity divided in a house where one spouse owned it prior to the marriage of 8 years with no children.

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