How Does Divorce Affect Children?


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Divorce can be a very hard time for children depending on how and why the divorce is happening, and how the transactions are being made. With bad divorces there can be negative affects on the children that are involved. They can find it hard to communicate with their parents and other people to talk about what is going on, and this can sometimes have a negative affect on their school work and other behavior. However, if the divorce is quick and painless, it is likely that the child will quickly adapt to the new situation and although they may not be happy about it, they will not find it difficult to communicate with the parents, nor that there is someone to blame for the break up. So: If you are getting a divorce and want to know if divorce can affect children, the simple answer is yes, but in different ways.

In many cases after divorce, the child can overcome the experiences and remain close with their mother and father. However, this is not always the case. If the divorce was a traumatic and long process, children can feel as though they have to look after themselves and are not able to rely on their parents. This is not to say that all traumatic divorces have permanently negative effects on children; many can overcome the experience and put it behind them.

By ensuring that the child knows the process isn’t going to last forever (and that normality will soon be restored), you will make sure that a child will be able to return to their happy, normal selves soon enough.
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Divorce can have an extremely damaging affect on children. Children can become distant from their parents, friends, and other family. Divorce has been linked to increased truancy in school. It also has been shown that children from a broken home created by divorce are more likely to drop out before graduating high school. They are also less likely to attend college. If they do attend college, they have the tendency of completing fewer classes. Drug abuse is higher for children in divorced homes than for those in an intact family structure. Self confidence also tends to suffer for children who have had their parents get divorced. There is also studies that show that divorce not only has an affect on the child, but also has an impact on the life of the grand child. Divorce can have lasting affects on the entire family and can diminish the chances of a successful relationship for children who have had their parents divorce. The decision to divorce needs to be made after careful thought and work to resolve the issues in the marriage. The consequences of a quick decision divorce can be numerous and detrimental to all involved.
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thank you so much for this great thing that you have written well i should say paragraph. see I may be getting a divorse with my low life suckish husband and i really need to know how my sweet little meredith will be in life. Now i know all I need to do id help her and be there for her. My Husband Bradley is a drug attic and a low life I should have never started a relationship with him. But thanks to this I have been trouble finding a story to tell me what my child will act like. This is the perfect paragraph. So if you have a really suckish husband/wife than you need to stick side by side with youir wonderful baby and always be there with them thank you.
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i know what you mean. i am a child of divorce and it is really hard for me right now i have to fight being in denial. but after a while, i got over it and now, even though they are not the best of friends,i still love the both of them and they do get along somewhat.
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I am not a victim or anything, I am just a girl. I have never been so worried that many people are actully litening to this. But i will tell you the true thing. When people get divorced they most likly are to live with there children or treat them bab and or send them and leace them so they are not with them. Children mostoly try to bring parent togethere but all some people thing about is "SEX".
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My parents got divorced when I was a baby and the only thing I remember was a lot of yelling. I now have two moms and dads and my dad is also worried that I will love my step-dad more than him, which will never happen because I love all four of my parents the same. I sometimes get jealous seeing other families all lovey dovey and happy that they are all together forever. When I think about it, it makes me upset that my father had to cheat on my mom many times. But I can never be mad at him for long because I love him too much. But he has changed and now has a baby son which I love very much!! I always wished that my parents could get back together, except I don't really want it to come true because I love my step-parents too much also.
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Hi my parents are divorce and also have two mommys and daddys i love them all the same but deep down i am very hurt because my dad walk out on us so really he gave up on us but more on me his only baby girl.
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Divorce is a bad time for anyone but especially for children. Children are very sensitive and will be even more from divorce. I think the older the child the more hurt they will be as they have spent more time with their parents and have more memories. The older children may not show it as much as the younger children but they will most likely feel more hurt inside so don't forget the feeling of the older children too. Hope this helped.
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The term divorce means separation of two parties (husband and wife) with a contract abiding by law, stating that their marriage is no longer accepted by the state. A divorce can take place by a mutual agreement between the two parties, or can be applied for by one party and the court of law of that state would decide- again there can be various other complications like property, alimony and custody of children.

The children in most of the cases get affected by the separation of their parents, as after the divorce the child would stay with either one parent. The visiting hours for the other parent can vary from case to case.

The age of the child and his/her relationship with his parents also matters in how the divorce might affect him. Therefore it is a very subjective, and the impact of the divorce might differ from family to family.
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Divorce affects children in many different ways.  It depends on the age of the child and the mentality of the child.  Some children at a very early age understands more than we give them credit for.  Some might find it very difficult to handle and will need someone to talk to.  Some might deal with it in their own way by wanting to be alone.  While others might blame themselves for the divorce.  As long as you let them know that the two of you will always love them and it has nothing to do with them then I believe they will be ok.  Let them talk to the absent parent any time they want so that there is no resentment against you.  Children learn to make their own minds up about everyone in their lives you just might be surprised how they really feel about that same person.
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Divorce is an activity in which the husband and wife no longer live together and agree to live on their own. This is not really an appreciated practice. If the couple has no children then it would not really affect the two because they themselves agree to live separately. But if the couple has children then it severely affects the child's life and the child's career. The child may have a negative feeling in the mind.

Usually a child expects to live together with his/her parents at his/her tender ages. When a child's parents get divorced, the child does not get proper training and often suffers from the disgusting feeling of a missing parent. Therefore a child is really affected by the divorce activity of the parents.
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Tina, I need to talk to you especially right now
I have been married 20 years, have 1 child from before marriage, 3 children with my husband.

Because I emotionally pulled away from the family years ago, for several years, my 18 year old has resented me, covertly punished me, and says things like
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Divorce leaves a child to feel like they have to choose between the two parents. A divorce can leave a child stressed, no matter how old the child is. Many children are not sufficiently prepared for the upcoming split of their parents. The loss of the family unit will cause the children to grieve, because most children did not know that their parents’ divorce was coming, while the parents may have known for a long time. Additional grief comes from missing the parent that does not have primary custody, and additional anger may come from disruptions to the family routine and a sense of powerlessness.
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It all depends on how you handle the situation. My child hated it and now hates her father because he didnt handle it right. But its all up to you how you deal with it
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Your right I'm 12 years old and I havent seen my mom since I wuz a couple years old.I lived with foster parents for 2 years and from there I wuz surprised to finally live with my dad.I miss her a lot and I hope shes ok.
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Divorce always effects the child.  Coming from a divorced family its is emotionally a nightmare for me.  I hated my mum for divorcing my dad and in turn to punish her for ripping my family apart I rebelled against her.  I really don't think I fully forgave her until I got married and had children. My husband and I don't believe in divorce and we have 3 children and have been married for 13 years.  I don't know how long you've been married but you loved your husband enough to marry him and have children then don't you think its worth trying to workout
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Its quite simple. They're hurt because they love you both and they don't want you to split up and have 2 addresses, 2 last names, or even two mothers or fathers.
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Divorce affects children very badly. It has a lot of emmotions and also they have to be fighted over by their parents. You also have to be able to communitcate and sometimes they have to move
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It affects children mentally and emotionally. It affects children more when they are at the age to actually understand what is going on....They will want to know why my mom and dad aren't living together anymore...They will want to know why I'm with my mom 5 days a week and with my dad on the weekends. A lot of parents don't realize but a divorce can scar children for life. Sometimes you have to stay together for the children's sake...No child wants to grow up with just one parent, they want a mom and dad...not just a mom or just a dad...Something like that sticks with a child all through their lives as they grow up....
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My parents got divorced and it affected me a lot! I never stopped crying, I got some bad grades, and I am not happy, :(

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