What Does A Divorce Certificate Look Like?


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  • Search Google images
One way to find out what a divorce certificate looks like is to use a search engine such as google.com and look at the 'Google Images' section. Type in 'Singapore Divorce Certificate' and it will produce pages of related results and there will hopefully be an example of a divorce certificate from Singapore.

If you make your search term a little broader and search 'Divorce Certificate' there will be many more results and this will give you plenty examples of divorce certificates from all around the world.

  • Structure of divorce certificates
Most divorce certificates follow a similar structure and are printed on white or cream paper which is often high quality and with a logo in the background and a border.

There will be a legal stamp on the paper to avoid fraud and people attempting to copy or design their own divorce certificates. There may be some form of identification number or reference code.

The name of the judge who decided the divorce could go through will feature on the certificate along with the names of the people who are getting divorced. One person will be named as the petitioner as they are the person who originally filed for divorce and the other person will be the respondent.

There may be the formal explanation as to why the petitioner believes the divorce is necessary. There will also be the exact date that the court case was held and the divorce was confirmed.

  • Why people divorce

It is thought that one in three marriages end in divorce. The majority of people who file for divorce are women and infidelity is the biggest reason for divorces.

Statistically, men are more likely to have affairs than women; which could be the reason why women are more likely to petition for divorce. Addiction is the second most popular reason for divorce and it could be addiction to anything such as gambling, drugs or alcohol.
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It is not a certificate like a marriage certificate; they are papers. You can get a copy of it from your lawyer which states all that was covered in the divorce; child support, assets and so on. If you want to look at its picture then click here.

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