Can An Adopted Father Disown His Adopted Son?


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Yes but it would be cruel and mean, you just take this "son" to an adoption place.
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I should have said the step-father who adopted his wife's son, then divorced her. He apparently also dis-owned the son.
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I suppose they could. The family politics for adopted children are likely the same as for children that share DNA with their parents. Also, the pettiness shown my adoptive and DNA parents and children can be equally extreme.

It would be nice if families could figure out how lucky they are. I have very little family. I'd give almost anything to have a parent or sibling (or even a cousin) to fight with.
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dont think so
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It depends upon the case.

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Sure, anything legal is possible.  Except when there is a divorce or legality with celebrities, somehow those don't take as well.

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