How Can My Husband Adopt My Son?


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Circumstances are always different when it comes to new partners adopting your child, and that’s what makes it such a complex area of the law. Before you start considering the adoption side of things, you need to think about the circumstances surrounding the adoption.

Is the biological father still around? Does the biological father express any interest in the child, and does he pay anything to you as the mother of the child? Does the father care? Is the biological father written down on the birth certificate? Is the biological father still alive?

These are all important things to consider when it comes to adopting, as the area of the law all depends on the circumstances. You can probably petition for stepparent adoption, but the law requires you to give notice of the proceedings of adoption to the biological father, so that he understands what is happening to his child. It’s important that the father is consulted, whether or not he expresses interest in his child.

Remember, whilst your husband may be a better role model for your child, the father is still the father, and needs to be told what is happening in the life of his child.

There are case studies available on the Internet that show you real-life scenarios of other mothers who wanted their new partners to become the father of their son. Through reading up on these hearings, you may be able to get an expectation of what the outcome will be.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with a family lawyer. The lawyer will be able to explain the complex areas of the law to you, and talk to you about the complications that are involved with using the law to get your husband to become the new parent of your child. Good luck in giving your child a new male role model in their life!
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I believe that if there is no father on the birth cert. You can just have your husband fill out the paperwork just like you do at the hospital acknowledging that he is the father. You know that he is not the biological father and so does he. The real father is not in the picture and your husband now is raising him so he is the childs father and as long as he wants the responsibility of your son than you should be able to do that.
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You need to get a hold of the father, and ask him to sign over the rights to the child, or prove to the court that he isn't the father, and then they might let your man adopt the child, but they have to know who the father is, and if there is enough cause to sign over the parental rights to the man who now wants to be the father. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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HI,Well you would have to ask the father to give up his rights by going through a lawyer to make it legal.the reason I know is that my  oldest child dad did not want to pay child support for her so he was willing to sign the paper to give up his rights which that isn't fair to the child. And I did not go through with it.But thats the only way for it be legal. I hope this answer your question be bless japeace
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The problem is when my son was 2 months old my ex threatened to kill me and take my son. I backed off the child support suit and have been raising my son on my own. He is 3 now and my ex does not agnolage that my son or i exist. I don't want his money i just want my son to be able to share his "fathers" name along with in additional brothers and sisters he may have. I am currently expecting and don't want my son to feel excluded by having a different name than his brother or sister. There is no father listed on the birth certificate. I really don't want to mess with my ex. There has to be an easier way.
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Hey,That's the only way your husband will be able to adopt him and I know you don't want to be bother by your ex. My oldest child has my maiden name and my second child by my husband has my married last if you want your husband to adopt he will have to let the lawyer Know that's what he wants.But it can be legal no other way. Because your ex has a rights to his son that why you have to do it legally thats the only way for it to be right. If you have any more question right back.japeace
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My ex does not have any parental rights to my son and has no contact with him. His name is on the birth certificate but we were not married and our son was born before the change in the law and therefore I have sole rights to our son. Is there no-way that my husband, who has cared for my son since he was 6 months old, can adopt him with only my consent?
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My son's father is not in his life dosnt pay support nothing and my husband whom I just married in feb wants to adopt my son because he is the one taking care of him and treats him as if he was his own so we feel that my son should have his last name my question is is there a limit on how long we have to b married in order for him to adopt my son I already know that my x has to give up his rights first
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My son has his feathers surname and is also on the birth certificate he has no contact pay no child support I have no number for him or address but I know he still live in the area if I wanted him I would have to go around asking questions about him.  I am now married and have a child with my husband I know I can change my sons name but how can I adopt him without the natrual fathers being present
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L was taking my ex girlfriend to court to try to get visitation rights to see my child l missed the court hearing because l was sick I'm disable and she open a new case and try to tell the courts l am not the biologic father but she didn't show up both court dates then she move and ran away and as a result l couldn't find her for years now l heard she is married and he wants to adoption the child l still don't know where her were abouts how can l stop this from happening ???
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When my son was born ,my husband and I wern't married yet we only got married 3 months later. But on the birth certificate my son has his fathers surname. We have been seperated now for 2 1/2 years now and he has moved abroad not payed maintenance or been in contact with his son. We are in the prosess of getting divorced, my partner would like to adoped my son what is the process

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