My Husband Becomes So Rough And Always Shout On Me So What Can I Do?


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My husband shouts when he is angry, I was going to give my phone to my son but while I was out, my husband gave it to him without asking me, when I hit back I found out, I told him to ask me first before he gives my stuff away, I hadn't even finished with the phone yet.
He said we are married it's ok, I said just because we are married it doesn't mean you do things on my behalf, or ask me first to make sure I'm ready to give it away.
HE raised his voice and said he shouldn't have to ask me and that his stepson is like his son, I told home he should ask as it's rude not to ask, by that time he was shouting, o asked him to appologise, he said he won't bow down to me in a really aggressive loud voice, I then told him saying sorry does not mean your bowing down to me, the after twenty minutes of shouting he, changed his story and said that he was going to
said he won't do it again, which he never said, and he keeps doing this to me, I feel like I'm going mad, and he said he never shouted and I'm causing trouble. My son said it's him.
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First of all give him love treatment like show your care for him like you should say please don't be that angry it will hurt your health and fitness in the later stages of life. And if still he don't cares your love then better stop talking for some days till he feels his mistake. I think avoiding talk is better device than fighting as it gives a chance to love re-germinate itself otherwise you know what other alternatives are there. Hope it helps saving your married life.
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just be patient nothing won,t happened until you lost conscious..Wish you best luck

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