I Would Like To Do My Own Divorce. What Are The Steps? How Do I Get The Paperwork. I Am Based In Texas?


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There are many divorce resources on the internet. There is a book called 'How to do your own divorce?' available on-line as well as on the stands. This is a book which contains instructions as well as legal forms to fill in order to do process your own divorce.

You can take the help of the family law facilitator in your county, who can assist you in filling the forms and guiding you through the legal process without any hassle. You can also check if your county has a legal self-help centre that can guide you in filling out the forms. The services of both, the family law facilitator and the self-help centre are usually free. Also try and look in the yellow pages under the Divorce Assistance or search on-line for local para legal assistance that can help you with the paper work. Another way to approach your own divorce is to have a consultation with an attorney on substantive law and then advance as self-represented, filing the legal forms on your own.

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