How Do You Run A Publication Ad In The Newspaper To Help Out With A Divorce? What Steps Should Someone Take To Have This Done?


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My understanding you have to place the ad in the news paper on your own and after a month your divorce should be granted.  I am trying to get a divorce also without all the money because he's willing to sign just not help financially and I'm ok with that just give me my divorce plz.  LOL
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Put the publication ad in your local newspaper, advising the person that a divorce decree has been filed in the family court and they will be given a certain amount of time to respond and if there is no response court will give you a date and the business will be handled as usual without the missing party hope this helps you......
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If you have filed in court and don't know how to contact the person they will advise you of what you need to do but the expense of the ad will be yours to pay.....the best to you....
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Get a sample first than run for 4 weeks
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Contact the newspaper and tell them you want to run a notification ad under divorce notices. Then list to whom this pertains, date and times of court hearing. They will help you with the rest. It will run for 30 days

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