How Long Do You Have To Keep The Divorce Papers For By Law?


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You can usually find divorce papers through the vital records office for the area or state where it took place. This link is to USA offices as I'm not sure where you are based, but the page has links to other countries as well.
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I was married 15 years.  No children.  He divorced me.  I've moved to a different state / no ties to him.  I have a new address and new drivers license in my maiden name.  There is nothing in my life that is associated with him or our previous life. Nothing.  Why would I need to keep any evidence that my marriage or divorce ever occurred.  I am not going to marry again in my life / if I do - it would be to someone from another country after I move there.  Thanks.
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Go ahead, throw them away. Just mark your calendar so that you'll always have a record of when you used poor judgement.

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