How Long Is Child Support Paid?


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It varies by state, and is generally determined by the age of majority or emancipation for that particular state, but it isn't necessarily limited to the ages shown in the other answers here.  For example, if the child has a qualifying disability and will always rely on parents for support, then child court-ordered support could conceivably continue for the child's lifetime.

To see the child support guidelines and resources for your state, go to this website:  Child Support Gudelines by State.  Good luck!
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Depends on your state law. Indiana support continues until they are 23 years old if they are still in school. In my case, I lost the child support because my son was not doing well in school. My ex took me back to court and the judge pulled it. In some states the support paying spouse is responsible for 50% of the school cost. Most insurance covers the child as long as they are in school until age 23.
Check your divorce papers first, then contact the state child support division.
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According to law, a parent must pay child support until the child is 18 or has done graduation, or has joined military or has started working, whichever occurs earlier. In very rare cases, upon special orders from the court, this limit might be extended.
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As long as you don't owe any back support and your order doesn't have any special clauses, you pay support until the child is 18 or graduated from high school. For some children this might be the age of 19.

The child getting an after school job does not affect the order.
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I looked this up for Connecticut, since my nephew's support order was initiated there, but he is going to college in Florida on a full basketball scholarship. In Connecticut, support continues until 18 years of age, unless the custodial parent can prove that, had the couple stayed together, the non-custodial parent would have contributed support through college. Connecticut law also stipulates that a petition for support through college must be part of the initial child support petition, and not be tacked on later just because the custodial parent decides it should continue. Happily, my brother is voluntarily continuing to support his son through college, but as my nephew is 20 now, and is no longer living with his mother, he contributes it directly to my nephew's checking account, instead of to his mother.
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You pay support until the child reaches the age of 18, or if they are still in school then 21 or until they leave high school. (at 21) You are MORALLY obligated to help support any child for life if they are unable to support themselves due to mental or physical disability.
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In most cases it is 18 unless your child drops out of school then it could be stopped and depending on what it says in your papers it could be when the child gets out of college or the age of 21.
You have to check your court papers or talk to the court.
I hope this helps.
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It is paid until there 18 or unless they are living with you and going to school /college it is until 21
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What does the divorce papers say?? If not specified there, then you should look up your state laws. There should be a child support office that your case is going through. Your child support worker should be able to help you with this.
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Well you are legally bound to pay child support up to the age of 18 years but if you are willing to support your child for his schooling than it's up to you so you can support him as far as you want.
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My son is 18 graduating high school in may 2009 and going to college away from home .his father pays me and he lives in colo where we are from .I and my son live in wisconsin.
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I pay child support and my kid will graduate from high school in june. I live in the state of maryland. Will I have to pay child support until she's 21? By the way, she will be attending college in the fall.
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18 was always the age, but in my state parents have to pay child support until 21 if the child is in college.

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