How Can Child Support Payments Be Stopped?


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I am paying thru the attorney general---- and owe back child support--- but our original divorce decree says nothing about child support--- we agreed verbally on an amount-- so she got pissed and then claimed I owed her back child support-- so I just agreed to an amount to shut her up--- but now  my boys want to live with me and need to find a way to stop the child support etc etc.
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I'm paying support for my two boys and its about 584 a month and I make 29,000 a year and thats including with overtime I don't get to see my kids b/c she is married to a man in the miltary and they live in hawaii in a house that the miltary provides and pays for. How can I figure out the correct amount and how can I lower that amount if I don't see my kids and she is married and the miltary pays for their housing needs.please help me I been evicted from my apt b/c I could not afford to pay the rent any more b/c of my payments and taxes beening taking out of my check every two weeks
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Can't belive how much my situation is exactly like the one above written by MC809A, beside him in the army. And living in hawaii. I need help big time. I make $20,000 a year and they take 6,000 thousand of it by the end of the year.On topn of that I can't claim thatv 6,000 for my tax returns. Plus its another 200 hundred a month for when he is with me on the weekends.
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You have to petition the court. Are you currently paying child support directly to the other parent our are you paying thru a DA or other agency?
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When dose child support stop at what age and what if a child quits school
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Can a noncust parent pay to child or college hes support payments for a 18 year in college
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I have been divorced for since March 2006, my ex wife had custodial of my 16 yr daughter, I had to pay child support 300 dollars a month including, and I was faithfully paying the monthly child support, but my daughter got pregnant with her boyfriend. She was 16 going onto 17 yrs old, I had to withdraw her from my medical insurance because of the prenatal care and stopped paying child support, she had the baby left the house where she lived to live with her boyfriend. They were living together for about 5 months and she returned home with her mom who remarried in May 2009. Now she is claiming back child support. What can I do with this situation?

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