Can I Reduce/eliminate Child Support Payments If My Daughter (and Her Mother) Decide I'm Not Wanted Or Needed, In An Emotional Or Social Way, In Her Life? Not Seeing Her Is Not My Choice.


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If I were you I would call the child support office and they will be able to answer that question. But you can NEVER say that you daughter does not need you or that YOU do not serve a purpose in her life. YOU gave her that life together no matter what this is only a child. Good luck in which way the ball rolls.
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The short answer is "No".  The judge will say that its because its the right of the child but that is just cover for what is actually going on: Matching Federal money to the states via Title IV Social Security.  It's "FOR THE CHILDREN!!!".  Everything is "FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!".  In actuality the judge is under pressure from the state to maximize your child support burden (matching federal dollars for each and every dollar in CS he assigns you).  That plus the Bradley amendment pretty much eliminates any hope you have short of killing your ex or leaving the country.  Doesn't matter if you are in a coma, a prisoner of war, the kid isn't yours, you've never met the woman, whatever it's  FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!  Child support is the third rail and the states make a fortune off of it.  Fatherhood is now just paying a monthly check and if you don't or with the economy now the way it is CAN'T then you are magically immoral, evil, and the lowest form of human filth.  Those who pocket the money in the state house from your slavery are kind, just, and decent, as is the welfare queen who labeled you father because she had too in order to collect welfare.  Too bad you never even met her.  Don't worry though... The state has a solution if that's the case.  Just spend upwards of $500,000 on lawyers, a significant amount of time in jail, and lose everything you have then the state will (maybe its not 100% by any means) decide you have tithed enough and may MAY let you off for FUTURE PAYMENTS ONLY.  Good luck.
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Check out "rights for fathers" on the internet, it is a group of men with all kinds of help on issues like this...My husband is going through the same thing..As far as I know you have to pay or lose drivers license/jail/back pay unless someone else adopts her in ex's life now...good luck too you, I know you can also check out the definition for parent alienation syndrome that is pretty much what is happening sounds like..
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It sounds like parental alienation to me... You need to inform your self and fight back.
If the mother agrees she can go to a court and have your payments stopped...but once she does that she can never go back and try and get you for support payments least in some states I know that's the case

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