Can Child Support Be Taken Out Of Your Bonus Check?


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No matter what you have got the check for, you are going to have to expect the child support to be taken out of it. This is simple because you are going to have to pay child support on everything that you earn, and a bonus check is something that you have earned! No matter what it is that is going to be paid into your account after you have been working, you should always expect to have child support taken out in order for you to stay on top of your payments and to ensure that they child can be taken care of successfully.

· Any income

No matter what your job is, if you are on benefits or if you are disabled, you can expect to have the child support taken out of your account as soon as money is paid in. This is because you are under an agreement and a contract to ensure that everything you earn is going to be going towards the child that you have.

This may not seem fair but you need to understand that this is the way in which things work in the court systems that are in place. As long as you ensure that you expect the child support to be taken out of your account, it is not going to be a surprise when it is. You have earned that bonus check and therefore it is counted as a source of income and the support is going to bet taken out of it.

· Expectations

When you pay child support you are expected to ensure that you have an income which is going to be able to support both you and the child that you are paying for. This is going to give you the incentive to work hard as opposed to simply refusing to pay the support that your child needs.

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